How to Say Thank You to Your Pet


Think back for a moment about the past year...How many hours of happiness has your precious pet brought you? Countless hours right? There's nothing quite like the contentment that comes from curling up with your fur baby for some snuggles. Isn't it time you said thank you to your pet for giving you so many happy moments? Why not pick them up something special to show you care?


I know it's almost Christmas, but anytime is a good time to show your pet your appreciation. So, if you forgot to pick your furry little friend up a holiday gift, don't worry. They don't exactly know that the big day is tomorrow, so you can totally order something now to say happy new year instead. Haha! On that note, I've rounded up a few gifts that should have any pet yippin' for joy!


For the cat lover...Sick of your kitty scratching up your furniture? A hanging scratcher like this one from Imperial Cat that comes complete with organic catnip should do the trick. Hang it from a doorknob or a hook anywhere you think your cat might like to do some scratchin'! Hopefully, your baby will turn to this instead of her favorite couch cushion.


For the dog girl...Your pooch will stay nice and toasty on those chilly evening walks thanks to the Gold Paw Stretch Fleece. And when you get home you can treat the cutie to a Barkworthies Elk Antlers Split Chew. Repeat after me...No more chewed up stilettos. Haha! And finally, we have the Green by Northmate Feeder. Not only is this feeder uber cool to look at, but it's designed to encourage slow feeding, through it's interactive game design, which is healthier for your pup.

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