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The second child is so oft neglected when it comes to camera time. I vowed not to let my second daughter suffer this fate. When offered to provide me with a sample portrait, I jumped at the chance.

What is of it as a way to turn your photos into priceless art. I sent them a favorite photo of my baby and me. In about two weeks, they sent me back a gorgeous canvas "painting" of the photo. The quality was phenomenal--in fact the portrait is now hanging in the girls' room in a spot of honor. It looks like I paid for a professional painting.

Pick from PhotoRealistic, bringing your photo to full life, or BrushStroke (my choice), which appears to have been produced by delicate strokes of an artist's brush. I liked the softness of the Brushstroke option. I then opted for Gallery Wrapping (where the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame so that the edges of the material are drawn around it).

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Prices start at $79 for the Gallery Wrap and go up depending on the size. This is a perfect gift for a new dad, grandparents or a way to decorate the nursery.

From now until 11/9/08, Momtrends readers will enjoy 10% off their orders. The coupon code is "momtrends."

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