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Unmissable Holiday Moments

Unmissable Holiday Moments

One of our favorite family traditions is going to Angevine Farm in Connecticut to chop down our tree. We drive up to this family-owned farm months in advance to tag a tree as our own, then the weekend after Thanksgiving, we head back to the farm to saw it down and bring the tree back to the city.

This year it seems we've been busier than ever. As the kids have grown, their activities have gotten more time-involved. Rather than farm them off to camps, we travel as a family to support each other. Last week we went to Vail to a ski camp for the girls. It was a busy work week but we made it happen. I have this huge fear of missing out on their childhood. They are getting so big and independent, I feel like our time is limited. This mama wants to capture all the memories I can!

Once back in NYC we did a quick trip to get the tree. I was tired, there was laundry to do, mail to sort and emails to answer. But instead, we got the tree. It's just one of those moments you can't farm out. Sure we could've gotten a tree from a corner market, but where's the fun in that?

When you get sick, this is the stuff that happens. You don't go to the Christmas tree farm. You sit in bed and miss all the memories that are so close by. Total FluFOMO (flu Fear Of Missing Out).


People always ask me how I get everything done. There's no magic 25th hour in my day. Instead, I'm really, really good at prioritizing.

Family First

Here's how it works in our family. Our little party of four comes first. Everything has to fit around our unit. I can't tell you how many holiday parties and fun events I've turned down because we just simply enjoy spending time together. My kids know they come first and this means everything to them. Little things like making sure our tree tradition lived on, mean a lot. We got the tree home and decorated it this week. Each ornament holds a memory.

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After family, it's work. Mr. Momtrends and I both get tremendous pride and enjoyment in what we do. For me, building the Momtrends community is an important part of how I define myself. The women that work for me count on me to grow this business and give them financial opportunities. They rely on me. We stock up on Clorox products at work to keep germs at bay. Most of the team at Momtrends are moms--we all have unmissable moments this holiday.

After family and work, my health comes next. When I fall apart so does the family time and the work product. Taking care of myself is especially important at the holidays. I have to make sure I stay well so I can be present for family and my team. This means taking the time to invest in a clean home, exercise and rest (I admit, that's where I fall short)

IMG_9487 (1)

So, you can bet that my trusty Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are never far from my side. Whether I’m at the office or traveling, I make sure to have those wipes on hand to take care of any lingering germs for myself and my team. I can rely on them to remove germs, bacteria and other nastiness from my home, work space and beyond. These multi-surface little wonders can wipe up a myriad of messes all in one wipe.


And that’s why I'm relying on those Clorox wipes to keep things clean both at home and on the road. Even on the subway (where I am a lot!) No one wants to get sick this season and Clorox is here to help. They’ve partnered with Sickweather – a real-time map of sickness -- to find out where the flu and fluFOMO are so you can take extra care. Want to see your sickness map – check out With a sick score of 98 in NYC right now, I’m taking all the necessary precautions so I do not miss a moment of this holiday.

Unmissable Holiday Moments

What are your unmissable moments and how do you protect them? Momtrends is a space for sharing and supporting. I hope you'll give me your best ideas.

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