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Our Top Holiday Gift for Girls: #WelcomeHomeMonsters


This post is sponsored by Megan Media and Mattel. The opinions and ideas expressed here are our own.

My baby girl is growing up...and growing up fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was shopping for classic baby toys during the holidays. Now my “baby” insists to me that she’s not a baby, she’s a BIG girl...quite regularly. Those bliss-filled baby days may be gone, but I’m still having a blast shopping for the young lady she is quickly becoming. Each Christmas, I try to find one special gift, “the hero gift” if you will, that will be the center of her holiday surprises. And that’s where our top holiday gift for girls comes into play. Well, frankly, it would make a fabulous holiday gift for any little one, but I digress....


I like to set that special hero gift up in a separate spot from the rest of her gifts so come Christmas morning she, along with her brother, have one final surprise. There is nothing quite like hearing my kiddos’ squeals when they realize that the present opening fun isn’t quite over. Now, don’t get me wrong...our Christmas doesn’t only consist of things. I’m a big fan of giving my kids the gift of experiences too, but it’s hard to wrap an experience up, haha, so there is always something rather large that Santa’s elf, otherwise known as the hubs, will need to assemble on Christmas Eve. There’s no shame in my game. I’m going to revel in this time when toys are still a thrill because I know this stage will be all too fleeting.


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What is this top holiday gift for girls you ask? Enter the Monster High® Deluxe High School playset*. First off, I have to tell you how HUGE this playset is. (Don’t worry it folds up nicely so you can store it). If you’re looking for maximum impact with your gift, this will do the trick. Not only is it large and in charge, but all those vibrant colors will thoroughly engage your kids. The Monster High Deluxe High School playset includes multiple levels which can be traveled between via the bright blue stairs. Just think about all the storytelling possibilities all those rooms offer! Your daughter can set up classes in each of the different spaces, like my personal favorite, the Library/Study Howl, or even recreate scenes from the webisodes and movies. The sky’s the limit! One of the top things I look for when I’m shopping for gifts for my kids is whether said gifts will inspire imaginative play. The Monster High Deluxe High School playset will do that in spades!


So, if you’re ready to give the ultimate holiday gift to a kiddo in your life this holiday season, head HERE to find out even more! And don’t forget to pick up a doll or two as they aren’t included with the playset. There are 14 included dolls clips that they can use to act out their favorite stories or display their collection. My little model here is partial to the Monster High® Shriekwrecked™ Nautical Ghouls Draculaura™ Doll. Just sayin’!

*Toy requires assembly

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This post is sponsored by Megan Media and Mattel. The opinions and ideas expressed here are our own.

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