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Ever feel like life would be easier if you just had another pair of hands or a few more hours in the day - especially during the holidays? We may have found the next best thing - QuadJobs.

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Now that the holidays are upon us, our lists of errands to run, gifts to buy, and things to do is getting longer by the day! But QuadJobs's Elves on Demand may be the perfect solution for whittling down that to-do list.

Created by three mothers - Betsy, Andra and Bridie - QuadJobs facilitates your holiday to-do list by outsourcing your task list to college students. Whether you need a babysitter for a holiday party or a dog walker for your pooch whose gotten pushed to the side with your holiday to-dos, a gift wrapper, tree decorater, or someone to serve drinks at your holiday party, QuadJobs puts you in touch with college students looking to work odd jobs.

You’ll feel great by helping students earn some extra cash around the holidays, your to-do list will actually get done, and best of all, you won't be drained so you can actually enjoy the holidays.


How It Works


1. Post a job - Post what you need help with. Think of the possibilities! Passing hors d'oeuvres at your next fête. Putting up your holiday lights. Stuffing and addressing envelopes. Wrapping all those presents. Picking up that must-have toy on your child's list that is only available at the store two towns away. According to QuadJobs, 94% of jobs posted have multiple applicants within hours.


2. Hire help. Check out the college students who have applied. You can see the applicant's profile including work experience, awards/ honors, past jobs through QuadJobs, and reviews from previous employers. QuadJobs gives students a "JobGPA" - the rating they've achieved based on past work through the site.

3. Cross it off your list. Do you feel that? It's called being relaxed. Or at least slightly less stressed. Either way, we'll take it. And did we mention using QuadJobs is free? While you'll set a rate and pay the student for the hired job, QuadJobs doesn't take a cut.

Currently QuadJobs is available in New York (NYC, Westchester and Nassau Counties), Connecticut, New Jersey, Columbus and Chicago (and surrounding suburbs).

Visit QuadJobs.com to start turning that to-do list into a done list.


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