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Fresh cookies in the oven. Hot cider in my mug. An evergreen decorated with lights. One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the smells. You can use this easy stovetop potpourri recipe any time that you want to make your house smell amazing.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri Ingredients

I use this stovetop potpourri through the year, but here's my go-to mix for the holidays:

  • orange slices
  • cinnamon sticks
  • whole cloves

How to Make Holiday Stovetop Potpourri 

  1. Combine all in a small pot with water and put on the stove on low heat.
  2. Add additional water as needed. 

I'll even keep the same batch for a few days in a pot, adding more water and reheating whenever I'm craving that holiday smell. It will usually last about 3 days before needing to be replaced.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri
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DIY Your Own Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Of course this "recipe" is flexible and can be varied in any number of ways. You could also try:

  • fresh lemon or grapefruit slices
  • herbs like thyme or rosemary
  • spices like ginger, cardamon, star anise or nutmeg
  • essential oils like peppermint or evergreen

Want to turn this into a homemade gift to give away for the holidays? Make your own DIY dried orange slices and wrap them up with cinnamon sticks and cloves in a cheesecloth sachet. Tie them closed with kitchen twine and decorate with a fresh evergreen sprig and directions. Making these is an easy project to get the kids involved in too!

What would be in your favorite holiday blend?

This would make for a great holiday gift and for even more gift ideas, check out our holiday gift guide!


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