Getting Organized this Holiday Season with Springpad

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Getting Organized this Holiday Season

If you are like us, you love the holidays but can also feel run ragged. In between school perfromances, shopping, work and the kids, it is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. To help us out this holiday season we have been using a cool new program called Springpad with their new Customized Holiday Notebooks.

Getting Organized this Holiday Season

Spring pad’s Holiday Notebooks are customized by leading industry and organization experts and feature ideas, information and recommendations to help you plan, organize, manage and enjoy the busy holiday season. The beauty of these notebooks, is that you don’t need to figure out an organization process, all you need to do is add information and execute. Each notebook focuses on a specific holiday project – Home Organizing, Meal Planning, Gift Giving and Holiday Entertaining– and provides customized organization tabs that automatically sort and filter your information and streamline your holiday planning and organizing so you can accomplish more, in less time and with effort.

Here’s how you can use Springpad and its Holiday Organizer Notebooks to stay organized throughout the holidays (via the Web, their tablets and mobile devices) and have a Happier Holiday this year:

Holiday Home Organizer– Use this notebook designed by internationally recognized organizer Peter Walsh to plan and organize how to get your home ready for a no-stress holiday including de-cluttering and organizing before the onslaught of food, gifts and guests.

Holiday Meal Planner – This notebook, inspired by a team of Beeville’s award-winning chefs, is a great way to find and collect holiday recipes, plan and collaborate on holiday menus with friends and family, and make holiday grocery shopping more efficient.

Holiday Shopping Survival Guide – The trends spotters behind the popular Web site designed this notebook to take the pain out of holiday shopping and make the experience more fun. Use this notebook to find and keep track of great gift ideas and efficiently organize holiday shopping trips so you’re not exhausted.

Holiday Party Planner – This notebook, created by New York based designer and organizer Jeffrey Phillip, is a helpful tool for flawless holiday party planning. Use it to be a more organized, prepared host and enjoy holiday entertaining.

Be sure to check out this cool video to learn even more about Springpad:

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