Cinco De Mayo with Keurig Kold


Because I consider coffee amongst my life essentials, I have been a lover of the Keurig brand for some time. When their machine made its way into my life, it was like the caffeine gods had smiled upon me.

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Little did I know that the Keurig team would woo me once more with their latest addition, the Keurig Kold. I've never been much of a soda drinker, but this baby does oh-so-much more. Fancy a julep? How about a daiquiri? Maybe you'd like a refreshing flavored water or iced-tea? Oh it's Cinco de Mayo? Let's make some margaritas! FLAVORED margaritas!

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rita's and tina's

In one moment the Keurig Kold changes your plans from just a night in to a fiesta. The Kold chiller technology instantly transforms room temperature water into ice cold, sparkling (or still) delicious beverages. Because Keurig partners with brands you love, like Rita's & Tina's, you can get an incredible margarita in just 90 seconds. It's literally a push of the button. The machine can make 4 drinks in a row easily. But what if you have more than 4 guests over? No problem. Keurig Kold has a party mode. Yeah.

The machine takes up as much energy as a mini-fridge about about as much counter space as a crock pot, so you'll need to make some room. From craft sodas to sports drinks, sodas to seltzers, there's something in it for everyone. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

keurig kold cinqo de mayo

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