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The two ladies behind Little Crown Interiors know how to spot trends and make them work for your family. Naomi Coe and Gerri Panebianco are the duo behind SoCal's "Go-To" interior design firm. They team up to create the chicest nurseries around. They've designed more than 60 nurseries are in hot demand. We caught up with them for this exclusive design interview:

How do you split up your roles as partners?
As best friends, and design enthusiasts, we'??re pretty much attached at the hip. We work together on all things creative '?? we'??ve found that putting our heads together yields the best results. That said, Naomi is really '??in-charge'? of designing '?? she does all of the technical work and is highly educated in the field of design. Gerri has a background in marketing, and handles much of the business/ marketing side of the company (although, again '?? we even work on all of the marketing campaigns together, as we view that as a creative outlet).

What are some trendy colors for 2011?
Well, the pantone company announced that '??Honeysuckle'? is the color of 2011 '?? it'??s a beautiful peachy/ pink shade that we love. Also, we'??ve seen a definite trend towards brighter colors for both boys and girls '?? vibrant shades of aqua, lemon and green abound in juvenile design right now.

What are some of your sources of inspiration?
Gerri '?? The Mom in me really loves the gallery on '?? the real rooms, created by families across the country are endless sources of creation and inspiration.

Naomi '?? I find that each client we work with provides us with a unique inspiration. Sometimes it'??s just something I see in their home - We had a client recently who had a set of Barcelona Chairs in her living room and I knew instantly what my plan was for her space.

What is the common misconception you'd like to change about working about a designer?
A common misconception of designers is that they always want to design in their own taste. We believe that it is our job to marry our own taste and knowledge with the personal needs and styles of each individual client. After all, they are the one who has to live with the design!

What are some tips for moms designing nurseries on a budget?
Remember that a nursery is a special, sentimental place. Using hand-me-downs and heirlooms will help curb your spending and also add richness and character to the space.

What are some of your favorite blogs or online shopping sites?
As women, we both love all things Rachel Zoe '?? the daily blog is great.
As designers, we'??re big fans of Jonathan Adler '?? both the blog and his online store. We also enjoy HGTV, Décor8 and Design Sponge.
As specialists in the juvenile industry, Project Nursery and OhDeeDoh are go-to blogs for us, and between Skip Hop, Room Service and Oopsy Daisy, we can always find something we must have'?¦

Thanks ladies and thank you for sharing these amazing pictures of some of your recent projects.


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