Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer



Third-grader Judy Moody created the perfect plan to make her summer vacation the best summer ever'?¦that is until everything goes comically awry. She created the ultimate challenge for her best friends, who are members of the Toad-Pee Club (or Totally Cool), through a dare chart - except her best friend Rocky is heading off to the circus and her other best friend Amy is going Borneo - leaving Judy to spend her summer with her second-best friend, Frank. Her awesome summer could not get any worse until her parents tell her that they have to go to California '?? leaving her with her guerilla artist Aunt Opal and her pesky brother Stink.

This non-stop roller coaster ride of fun and adventure is the premise of the big screen version of Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Based on Megan McDonald'??s characters from her bestselling book series, Judy Moody, the film version, starring the spunky and electric newcomer Jordana Beatty, follows Judy as she tries to overcome her '??bummer'? summer by having fearless, fun and imaginative adventures right at home.

With inspiration from her Aunt Opal, played by Heather Graham, Judy creates a "thrill-a-delic" plan with her friends to see who could score dare points by doing outrageous and exciting things. Rocky quickly racks up dare points as he walks on a tight rope as well as Amy who swims with sharks. To try to rack up her own set of points, Judy tries to create her own adventures '?? except they don'??t turn out exactly how she imagined. Her adventures attempts turn into one comical antic after another with a puke fest at the amusement park, a failed attempt at surfing, an art project that goes awry, and a cemetery tour that turns into a poop picnic are all part of the non-stop excitement and laugh-out-loud mishaps of Judy Moody'??s world.

At an interview with Megan McDonald she stated that she was overjoyed by the choice of Beatty as Judy Moody. Adding, "Jordanna is Judy. She is in every scene and makes the move exciting and fun to watch." Beatty also spoke of how much she loved becoming the fearless character and getting into the role of Moody, which involved working with a dialect coach (Beatty is from Australia) and getting to try on fun and colorful outfits.

Through all of the hijinks and non-stop excitement, I really enjoyed this movie and in particular Judy'??s zest and love of life through her snappy dialogue and colorful adventures. Her free spirit and untamable cowlick make Judy Moody a summer movie that the whole family can enjoy as they follow along with Moody on her quest to have the best summer ever.

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (PG) comes to theaters June 10th, 2011.

For additional information about the film, please visit: http://judymoodymovie.com/

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