Growums Gardening Kits


When we planted our first garden last year, my kids were very excited to grow and harvest their fruit and vegetables. There was something magical about seeing their plants grow and being able to eat their very own cantaloupe, watermelon and zucchini.

This year, we've discovered something even more fun than a regular garden--Growums interactive gardens.

Growums are vegetable gardens made with kids in mind. The American Gardening Association estimates that 98 percent of kids who grow their own vegetables will eat them. Each Growums kit contains the starter soil and seeds for one of 6 themed gardens--herb, taco, stir fry, ratatouille, pizza or salad, great kid themed meals.

But, once the seeds are planted, the gardening project is just beginning. On the Growums website, children can register their garden online and the colorful cast of vegetable characters provide tips to help the garden grow, along with step by step instructions on how to care for the garden, videos, tips on what will happen next, and weekly emails explaining more about garden growth and care.

Growums Taco Garden Kit

Our current taco garden is now, hopefully, germinating along the window sill. My 8 year old loves checking on her Growums daily, along with reading the emails and watching the videos to learn what her garden is actually doing. The online aspect has helped her to see what is really happening beneath the soil, that her little plants are really growing, even if she can't see it. Even better, she is excited to make her own tacos with the results!

Growums are available for $9.99/kit at, as well as independent garden centers.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples to test.

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