Yoga Tips for Beginners

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Let's continue talking about ways to integrate yoga into a mom's fitness resolution. Yesterday, I recommended Hyde clothing. Today I'm going to talk about classes and gear.

For beginners, I DO NOT recommend trying a video. Yes, there are great videos out there, but no video can teach you proper alignment like a living breathing instructor. Here are my tips for finding a good beginner class:

  1. Start at your local Y or recreation center. This is a wonderful way to take a free or low cost class to see if you like yoga.
  2. If you belong to a gym as the program director for a teacher recommendation. Find a beginner class that is not packed.
  3. Ask other moms who have a practice what yoga studio they have chosen. Call and find out the best instructor for beginners. My favorite studio is Mala Yoga in Brooklyn. I also like Yoga Works which is bicoastal.
  4. Read blogs and get opinions. Try Accidental Yogist.

Other advice:

  • Show up early for your first class and explain any injuries or concerns with your instructor.
  • Stay after class and ask follow-up questions.
  • Don't compare yourself to anyone else in class. Know your limits and set your own pace.
  • Stick with it! It often takes more than one class and more than one teacher to find your groove.
  • Breathe and enjoy this time away from the kids--you deserve it!

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Deluxe Yoga Kit

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