Yoga Clothing for Cool Moms

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Finding the right yoga gear is essential to building a long and sustainable practice. I find when I'm in my Hyda yoga gear, I focus on my poses. I feel confident, cute and ready to chase zen around the block for 45-90 minutes (depending on the class).

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Hyde yoga was started by woman just like me--someone who found yoga to balance her running routine. But it yoga in infectious. Anne-Kerr Kennedy, the founder of Hyde says that after yoga class she felt a sense of "all-rightness." She goes on, "No matter what was going on in my outside life, being on the mat made me pause; caused me to be acutely conscious." What crazed mom doesn't need a bit of that in her life!

I'm here to tell you: Adorable yoga gear goes a long way to helping a mom meet her NY resolution to get toned. You don't want to show up to your new yoga class full of nubile yoga pros in your nappy sweats. Step it up a notch and treat yourself to some new gear.

I picked the slate Ryder cropped pant-left (eight delicious colors; $68) and the Trieger tank-right (more than a dozen colors; $42). The pant is flowing and I love the way it breathes. The top has a classic tank look with an unexpected "v" back. It's got enough support for light cardio and is a wonderful base layer in cooler weather.

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Ready to try your first downward dog? Good news. You can look good working out and save some cash (hey! two resolutions at once!).

Use coupon code: MOMTRENDS and save 15% off your Hyde purchase until 1/31/09.

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