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Though it's sometimes easy to jump in the car, the more errands we run on foot, the better we'll feel. I've just set up my new Phil & Ted's Sport Stroller and I'm thrilled to be mobile with two in tow. $399.95

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Walking is a big part of most parents' lives. Whether to school, along the sidelines or to lull a little one to sleep, we're always on our feet--why not make a concerted effort to make these walks longer reaping terrific health benefits. Walking is a low-impact way to burn calories. And unless you are clumsy (hey, it happens), you're unlikely to get hurt with this workout routine.

Walking burns an average of 80 calories per mile
* numbers are based on a 140 lb woman

Much of my daily exercise comes from outings with the kids--thanks to th ePhil & Ted's sport double kit, I'm back on the road with two. This double stroller stacks the seating (rather than side-by-side) making the Sport easy to maneuver in tight spots. The Sport has big wheels--able to handle potholes and divots--and plenty of underneath storage for my gear. $89.95 for Double Kit

Right now the infant lays flat and my toddler is perched in the toddler seat (she loves the high vantage point). To keep my newborn snug, I've outfitted the bassinet with the sport cocoon. This portable sack allows me to carry my sleeping daughter in and out of the stroller without waking her. It also keep her snug and warm on longer outings. $59.95

What else do I rely on for my outings? The Mommy Hook. This nifty device attaches to my stroller to hold grocery bags, soccer gear, toys and other "essentials," freeing my hands for kiddie care and stroller steering. $5.99

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