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As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we're thrilled to share with you an amazing awareness campaign, the global #CheckYourself campaign that Avon Foundation for Women just launched in the United States and 25 other countries. This is just the latest step in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which raises funds and awareness for critical research and access to care programs. 

The #CheckYourself mission is get rid of the the confusion related to screening strategies and it encourages women to take control of their own breast health. With its launch comes a fabulous new music video from beloved singer, songwriter and choreographer Paula Abdul, whose sister is a breast cancer survivor and makes an appearance in the video. The video includes a song and dance based on the simple steps a person would take to check themselves for breast cancer. We urge you to watch it!

There is also a web portal that can be used to help people better navigate complicated breast health information and simplify the steps necessary for optimum outcomes in breast cancer screening, detection and treatment. Did you know that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women? There are nearly 1.7 million new cases worldwide this year and 232,670 new cases in the United States.

Here are the ways you can get involved with the #CheckYourself campaign:

  1. Visit the #CheckYourself Web Portal: Get answers to your questions about when and how often to get a mammogram, whether you should do monthly Breast Self-Exams (BSE), and whether you can reduce your personal risk of getting breast cancer at Send friends to the site so they can understand their own breast cancer risks and the best risk reduction and detection strategies.
  1. Watch the Check Yourself Music Video and Create Your Own:Watch the #CheckYourself video featuring Paula Abdul and support the global movement by spreading the word. Even better, educate others about their breast health by creating a personal dance video and sharing it on Facebook with the #CheckYourself hashtag.
  1. Donate & Shop Pink:Make a tax deductible donation to the Avon Foundation on, or purchase an Avon Pink Ribbon product on A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services and scientific research.
  1. Get Active:Join the Avon Walks for Breast Cancer in New York (October 18-19) or Charlotte (October 25-26). If you’re not ready to lace up your sneakers, there are eight walks across the country in 2015 from April to October. Sign up for the 2015 Avon Walk today at
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