Tasty Treats for Mom


Yesterday went by in a blur. Play dates, breastfeeding, laundry...by the time 6 pm rolled around and I started to whip up dinner for my daughter I was famished. Ooops. I had forgotten to eat anything since breakfast. Sure the girls ate well, but me--not so much.

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That's it. I'm ordering more Peeled Snacks! I was tossed a few samples of these single-serving snacks right before the family ski trip to Utah. Childcare and ski camp were coasting my hubby and I a mint so we weren't going to spring for an expensive lunch. As we ripped open the Peeled Snacks on the chair lift we were thrilled. Our review: Fresh, fruity and filling.

NohaWaibsnaider, a first time mom and five-star momtrepreneur, launched Peeled intending to feed pregnant women. But hungry moms should take note. These are the perfect alternative to either: a.) starving b.) eating the detritus form your toddlers plate c.) gorging on junk that can be consumed while you push the stroller. Top picks:

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  • Cherry-Go-Round--satisfyingly sweet with a nice texture. nothing lie fruit chew that tend to taste like rawhide. 10 pack $17.99
  • Cashew Later--perfectly salted 100% organic nuts. Just the thing to satisfy my salt cravings. 10 pack $17.99
  • Bing Bing Cherry Fruit & Nut Mix--cherries, peaches, apples, walnuts and cashew. So satisfying. Clever mommy keeps the nuts and fruits separate int eh package so the nuts don't get soggy. 12 pack $25.99

Order from Amazon (save by buying more) or Peeled Snacks.

I love the single-serving size (perfect to tuck in a diaper bag or purse). There are no trans fats of high fructose corn syrup--so feel free to share with the kids. Or be greedy and keep these tasties all for yourself. You deserve it!

Speaking of special treats, Johnson's (the baby mega company) is holding a Celebrity Mom's Charity Auctionwith eBay to raise money for Global Giving, a charity that helps improve the lives of babies and toddlers in more than 100 countries. Celebs like Mariska Hartigay, Julianne Moore and Matt Damon have donated NEW baby items, such as diaper bags, strollers and more for the cause. Could be a nifty Mom's Day gift surprise. Auction ends Thursday (5/9) night.

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