Sunology: Sunscreen that Prefers No Chemicals

Sunscreen that Prefers No Chemicals

Sunscreen that Prefers No Chemicals: It is shocking when you realize that chemicals are everywhere. As a mom, I have become hyper aware of chemicals that are prevalent in seemingly innocent sounding products like sunscreen, but the startling reality is that 90% percent of the sunscreen products on the market are composed of man-made or chemical active ingredients, promoting the development of free radicals when absorbed into the skin.

These free radicals may put children at risk for accelerated skin aging and developing various forms of skin disorders and cancers. In fact, recent studies on the composition of popular sunscreens have helped the public to recognize that their "tried and true" lines of defense against the damage of UV rays may actually be harming them.


On a recent vacation to Jamaica (more on that soon), I had to make sure my girls were well-protected as well as safe from the sun's harmful rays. Since we wanted to enjoy the beaches and pools without worry, I lathered them up in an innovative new product called Sunology Lotion for Kids. As the only FDA-approved product that contains active ingredients derived from natural sources, I was excited to test it out on my girls - especially on my baby who is very fair.

Sunology Kids

While applying it to my daughter's skin I found it interesting that I only needed a small amount (about the size of a dime) since the formula is concentrated and contains no water. And by dime size I mean I literally only needed a small amount for complete coverage of their face and arms - meaning you will save money and can rest assured that you will discover a product that works. This is not typical of most sunscreen products that are water-based where I have had to go through an entire bottle on vacation and still get burned.

Featuring VitaOleféra, an all natural complex of moringa oil, Anti-oxidants and Vitamins (A,C & E), Sunology Lotion for Kids is incredibly healthy for skin and is designed to not be absorbed by the child's skin (unlike most chemical Active Ingredient based sunscreens). The product also contains UV MicroReflexion that helps reduce free radical formation, degradation of DNA, degradation of collagen, and premature aging - not to mention that is also free of yucky chemicals like oxybenzone, Avobezone, Octisalate, Homosalate.

In addition to the kids formula, Sunology also sells a sunscreen creme for the face, a sunscreen lotion for the body, and a suncreen sports stick.

It worked wonders on our vacation and I loved how effective it was in the intense Caribbean heat. Now that we are back in NY I have continued to use Sunology for outings to the park, school or adventures it the city. It is simple to use and I love how I don't need much for complete coverage. As a "physical" and not a chemical sunscreen, I really love how McNabb Nutraceuticals focused on health and wellness in the development of this amazing product.

As parents we try our best to protect our children. This summer, you can do something easy by using Sunology to protect your children from the harmful effects of the sun and keep chemicals away from their skin.

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