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SteriPen Purifying Water on the Go

Purifying Water on the Go

I am a huge water drinker - purifying water on the go comes. I am always carrying around a reusable bottle of water to get me through the day. Since I am on-the-go, I inevitability purchase a bottle of water, which isn't great for the environment and can be expensive. To combat these issues, I have been using the SteriPen Freedom, an innovative device that uses UV light to purify water!


I was pretty impressed upon hearing about it's myriad of benefits that is said to destroy 99.9%bacteria in water, viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts. I honestly don't think about water having those elements, but the reality is there are tons of waterborne illnesses prevalent in our water supply. Basically what the SteriPen does is act as water purifier by killing bacteria with its long lasting UV lamp can provide 8,000 half-liter (16 oz) treatments. Ultraviolet light has also been recognized by the EPA as a proven technology to disinfect and destroy harmful microorganisms.

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For my water-testing experiments, I tested out the SteriPen Freedom, the first USB rechargeable water purifier. Equipped with a Micro USB B port the device can be charged up to an AC Outlet adapter, a computer or compatible solar charger. I charged the Freedom to my wall unit and within five hours it was ready to be used. There is a green light that indicates this. I usually use water filters, but for the test I poured water in a faucet. How the SteriPen works is that you apply the light to the water (indicated by a green light), then you stir the water until the light turns off and turns green again. This entire process takes around 48 seconds where water is clean and ready to drink. After I used it, I also found that it was easy to clean where you simply wipe it off and place it in its enclosed holder. It also comes with a portable black bag that makes it super easy for transport.

I also used this while out and about with my daughter's where I poured water from drinking fountains in our reusable bottles or used them for my daughter's baby bottle. I loved having the freedom to not worry about buying water or worry about what was in the water we were drinking. It was also incredible since the SteriPen does not change the taste of water or introduce any chemicals into the water. It is also

It's size and amazing functionality makes it ideal when traveling abroad, on business, camping, or if you just want the freedom to not have to rely on bottles and other filters. A safe and effective way to enjoy water, Steripen offers the ultimate benefits to disinfect your water as well as the portability to carry it anywhere you go. Maybe you want to take it on your next camping trip - for ideas head here.

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