Skip the Chips: New Moms Have a new Healthy Snack

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Finding time to feed yourself while taking care of a new baby can seem like a tall task. Often we either skip a meal (not advised for tired and nutrient-needy breast-feeding moms) or grab something convenient that's high in calories and fat.

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Beth Vincent, a busy mother of three kids has spent years focusing on maternal health. Her new product, Oh Mama! nutrition bars, aims to give busy moms a hassle-free choice packed with all the good things moms (or moms-to-be) need to stay strong and vital.

What's in there? DHA (an essential omega-3 fatty acid), plus 14 essential vitamins and minerals. The bars come in three flavors, I liked the salty-sweet combo of the chocolate peanut butter best. Since, I'm not much of a milk fan I was thrilled to see one bar gave me 50% of my daily calcium requirement. Overall the bars are satisfying, though certainly not meant to replace a real meal, and a nice alternative to Luna bars when I'm packing a bag for a day's worth of errands and activities. And at just 190 calories, women don't need to worry about blowing a post-pregnancy diet. Buy the bars at shops like Motherhood Maternity for $2.50 each or 12 bars for $22.70 on the eVitamin site.

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