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Shot@Life with Ambassador Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Last week Momtrends joined actress Amanda Peet, ambassador of the UN Foundation’sShot@Life program, while she received her annual flu shot at Walgreens‘ flagship store in New York City to support its “Get a Shot, Give a Shot” campaign. The goal of this new campaign will provide up to 3 million life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries.

As a mother, actress, and ambassador to the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life program, Amanda spoke about the importance of providing life-saving vaccinations to children in need across the globe. One-in-five children worldwide lack access to lifesaving immunizations; and a child dies of a vaccine-preventable disease every 20 seconds. The number of children dying every year from preventable diseases in developing countries is nearly equal to half the children entering kindergarten in the U.S.

We also had a chance to sit with Amanda and ask her some questions about her personal life as well, as her role in her ambassadorship for UN Foundation.

Momtrends: You just received your annual flu shot, do you plan to also vaccinate your children as well with the flu shot this year?

Amanda Peet:Yes of course! I will be getting my children vaccinated with the flu shot this year so they don't get sick and endanger other children, infants or elderly people.

Momtrends: What can you say to parents that are still scared to vaccinate their kids?

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Amanda Peet: I think the idea that vaccines are dangerous for children because of too many antigens in vaccines that can harm their immune system have been re-feuded by many scientists over and over. Especially since I've started working for Shot@life, because for me it's a pretty grave thing to disregard a medicine thats probably the most important thing to medical intervention since the 20th century.

Momtrends: Why is your work with the UN Foundation so important to you?

Amanda Peet:I started out doing this work because my brother in law in an infectious disease researcher and pediatrician in Philadelphia. It seemed just logical and it just happened that my frustration, desire and outrage to disseminate information about vaccines extended to Shot@Life in such a natural way. I am very proud and honored to be an ambassador for Shot@Life. We went to Kenya, Africa where there's a Polio outbreak and its so incredibly frustrating that we have these medicines and we can't deliver.

Momtrends: Can you tell us about the "Get A Shot, Give A Shot" campaign?

Amanda Peet:This flu season Shot@Life is partnering with Walgreens. So if you go to your local Duane Reade or Walgreens and get your flu shot or any adult vaccination not only are you keeping yourself and elderly people, infants save from getting the horrible flu but you are also getting a measles or polio vaccine for a child in a developing country.

For more information on "Get A Shot, Give A Shot" campaign visit Shot@Life or Walgreens.

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