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Delfin Spa Activewear

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Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and one item that I have been using to jumpstart my fitness routine is Delfin Spa activewear. Made with bio-ceramic technology, Delfin Spa activewear works to increase metabolism while reducing the appearance of cellulite and leg circumference while also improving micro circulation and reduce liquid in the body.

This product is not designed to offer a quick-fix; but rather designed to compliment your workout by through the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflects your body's own rays. This then generates heat and helps with the breakdown of cellulite cells as well as improves circulation and revives tissues in the body.

The line includes a collection of capris, shorts, or tummy tighteners that can be worn to the gym during a workout, or underneath regular clothes for every day use to boost calorie burn. I had the chance to test out the capri's that worked by creating a thermal agent. I wore them before a run, and I loved how they didn't feel bulky or uncomfortable; but rather how they generated heat to my legs and thighs as I ran.

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A unique product for moms, the Delfin Spa line is a great way to compliment and enhance any fitness program.

 Check out Delfin Spa's full line of products at 

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