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A Perfect Pair: Popcorn + Wine

Most of the time, I try to follow this simple health rule: dessert or wine, but not both. This helps me to limit my calories intake and be more conscious of my eating and determining if I want that glass of wine or that piece of pie more. But I think I may have found an exception to my rule: popcorn + wine.

Satruday Sips: Popcorn + Wine

I've often turned my nose up at popcorn. The drowning-in-butter popcorn of movie theaters just doesn't do it for me (nor is it the least bit healthy). But the right popcorn can be a healthy dessert/snack alternative. If you're used to "appetizing" on a glass of white and cheese and crackers (me!) or "desserting" with a glass of red and a chocolate cookie (or three), then popcorn can save you some serious calories while still satisfying your sweet or snacking tooth.

SkinnyPop Popcorn

The American Heart Association found popcorn - even kettlecorn! - to be a better choice than chips, containing fewer calories, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates than corn chips and with more good-for-you fiber. You know what this means, right? You can have your proverbial cake (ok, popcorn) and eat it too - WITH WINE!

SkinnyPop popcorn + wine

I decided to put this popcorn + wine pairing to the test. I matched the SkinnyPop Original popcorn with a glass of chardonnay instead of my normal goat cheese and Trader Joe's Olive and Fig Crackers (mmmmmm...) was almost just as satisfying! Ha! I won't lie. I love me some goat cheese, but I know a cup of this popcorn had a lot less calories and fat. Want to try your own pairing? SkinnyPop wants to help you pair your favorite wine with a perfect popcorn partner. Use the handy tasting guide below to find your wine's popcorn pair.

SkinnyPop + Wine
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SkinnyPop has six different flavors to choose from include Original, Salt & Pepper, White Cheddar, Naturally Sweet, as well as two new flavors - Jalapeno and Dusted Dark Chocolate. I couldn't find the Dusted Dark Chocolate where I shop, but that's definitely next on my to-taste list. I think it will go nicely with a glass of my favorite bold red.....

skinnypop flavors

I hadn't tried SkinnyPop before but it was definitely tasty. And I love that it doesn't have artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives and is free of GMOs, MSG, dairy, peanuts, soy, tree nuts and gluten.

So, cheers, ladies - and nom nom!

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