Mommy Time Monday: Sculptworks in Soho

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As a part of fitness month I am attempting to shake things up in my workout routine. When YogaWorks studios invited me to try out a class at their new SoHo location I thought it would a be a perfect chance to try something new. Sculptworks is one of the newest classes at the studio at this swank SoHo studio.
The class combines yoga, pilates and plenty of strength work--just right for this active mom.

I was treated to a one-on-one session with Laurel, one of the top instructors. She guided me through a 45-minute workout that used a pully system that hooked into the wall, gliding pads, squishy balls and often just my own weight. In this personal session, the instructor gave me pointers on alignment and how to make the most of each exercise. By switching up the exercises and doing many reps, I was able to get a good bit of cardio in as well as toning and stretching. You can see me working my inner and outer thigh in this move. Let me tell you, these subtle exercises really targeted the hard to tone spots.

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The class combines strength and stretching and is perfect for a yogi looking to tone or a runner looking for a workout to balance road work. YogaWorks has locations in New York and California (until they expand to rest of the country, you can work out with YogaWorks DVDs).

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