Mommy Time Monday: Gyrotonic Training at Kinespirit

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A few weeks ago I had my first Gyrotonic session at Kinespirit. When it comes to fitness, I'll give anything a try once. Some things work better for my stressful and wild schedule. Pilates, running, yoga--these are all for me. Weightlifting, DVDs, spinning, not so much. Gytrotonic excercise? A definite yes.
Juliu Horvath is the founder of the Gyrotonic movement (read more about him here). He has trained a few disciples in his method of using weight and pulley based equipment to get a complete workout that lengthens, strenghtens and tones (and what mom doesn't love that!).

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I found the movements fluid--it was dance-like at times. The motions are very internal, and require focus. These demands appeal to me--it's a little escape from my mounting list of chores and obligations. I trained with Kinespirit Co-Director Jennifer Daly. Jennifer (that's her in the picture above and training me) is a zen-master when it comes to all things fitness and is extremely gifted at giving clear and incisive instructions. My 45-minute trial session left me feeling like I had given my back a little rehab. Hunching over a laptop is not kind on a body--Gyrotonic seems like a just reward. This system is meant to build flexibility, coordination, and balance and is said to be a great way to rebuild after injury or prevent an injury from occurring.

New Yorkers should definitely look into the zen-like Kinespirit studios. Calm and warm, this is a little fitness haven for the harried mom. Kinespirit (212-228-5787).

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Kinespirit did not pay for this post, one session was provided free.

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