Let's Get Physical!


In fact, I'm channeling my inner Olivia Newton John right now as I'm reviewing the new line of fitness products for kids call First Fitness.

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Launched in July, the company aims to get little behinds off the sofa and jumping, running and playing their way towards fitness.

Ready for the scary statistics: Approximately 30% of all kids ages 6-14 are overweight and 15% are obese. First Fitness (a division of the Aqua Leisure Company) has come up with 30+ new products that aim to make exercise fun. The company's CEO Steve Berenson says his new line "instills a love of physical activity in even the youngest children."

I was sold, so I tested out three of their offerings:

The 18" exercise ball: Basically a great big bouncy ball. My daughter and I rolled it around outdoors and a fit of giggles ensued. Soon I had attracted a swarm of kids. A sure-fire hit for outdoor fun. $9.99

The multi-function pedometer: I was fascinated to see the steps add up. This is a great item for school aged-kids and weaning little ones off the stroller habit. $12.99

Fun-Foam Interlocking Hopscotch: I loved this game as a kid and I still enjoy testing my balance and coordination. The set is bright and colorful and a snap to set up indoors or out. The blacks can also be used to soften a play surface for infants and toddlers. $9.99

There's plenty to pick from to suit your needs and home. I couldn't find may of the toys online (yet) but they are going to be carried on Amazon and e-toys. For a complete list of retailers click here.

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