Kleenex Battles the Bug at the Bronx Zoo

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Kleenex gathered a group o f Mommy Bloggers today at the Bronx Zoo. In addition to having a glorious day to see the animals, we got great tips on how to fight the flu and other illnesses this fall.

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Back to School means back to small spaces filled with kids. Inevitably some are going to get sick. It's up to parents to educate their children about good hygiene (hand washing!) and do their best to keep the kids healthy.

Emily from TheMotherhood, helped put together the Battle the Bug event. Who else was there? Jen from Next Kid Thing, Kimberly from Mom In The City, Marinka from Motherhood in NYC, Susanna from Greenbaby, Nikki from Blasian Baby, Carla from Moms like me, Lisa from NewYorkChica, and Heidi from Coast To Coast Mom. Kleenex had a fun blue bug to great us and an expert to tell the bloggers about Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues
and provide advice on keeping germs at bay.

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Jean Grabeel, Executive Director of the National Association of School Nurses, was the lead speaker. She took all our questions.

You may ask, "Why are we talking about the cold & flu in August?" Well, my daughter's preschool closed early in May due to the flu. And I found out nearly 70% of student illnesses in 2008 did not happen during the "typical" cold & flu season. Before school starts is the time to start to instill healthy habits in your kids.

One of the big things I am going to work on is hand washing--Nurse Jean told me to teach my daughter to wash between her fingers. And we'll also work on sneezing into tissues. Nurse Jean recommended we make it a game and practice sneezing. What kid wouldn't like that game!

All in it's been a fun morning and a excellent reminder on how to stay healthy this fall. Thanks Kleenex!

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