Keep on Truckin'


Whether you're running or walking to keep fit, small incentives like new workout gear or a training tool make it easier to keep up the workouts. I'm smitten with my new Tech 4 O Accelerator watch.

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Logging miles has never been so much fun. This digital watch is stylish--(bye, bye Timex Ironman) in bright pink with silver accents--but don't be fooled by the girlie appeal. This watch means business when it comes to fitness.

The Accelerator tracks workouts by mileage and calories burned (it can also calculate in metric if you plan on working out in Europe). The watch is made by Silva, a company that started out designing compasses and they've expanded their expertise to high-functioning sport watches.

Here's what the watch can do: measure speed, distance and calories burned. To get going, there's a little work involved: you'll need to calculate the length of your walking and running stride to get an accurate read. It's worth the effort to get a reliable readout for your workout--with most other watches (and cardio machines for that matter) you're just getting a guestimate for specific body type. Beyond that, the set-up is easy and intuitive. And don't worry about taking this watch to the pool or beach, it's water resistant to 50M.

One sad note, this works best when you leave the stroller at home--the watch uses the arm motion to calculate distance. $59.99

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