Happy New Year from Momtrends

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A new year and a new chance to be the best woman/mom/businessperson you can be. I love a fresh slate and an opportunity to improve. That's why fitness month is such a big deal at Momtrends. To kick off the month of fitness fun, I hit the slopes today--because around here January is about getting active.
Fit moms are ready for all the surprises the kids toss our way. So here's what you can expect: Mommy Time Monday will center around me trying a new workout each week, amazing giveaways (including a new jogging stroller) fit mom profiles to inspire you, and so much more.

As for me, we took our 4 y.o. to a NE hill (no mountains close by) for some snowy fun. I love the chance to get outdoors for a winter workout. In addition to sharing my tips and tricks for staying fit, I hope the Momtrends Moms will add comments and motivation for all of us to have the healthiest year yet. I can't wait to hear your stories.

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