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Green doesn't just mean looking out for the environment. It also means looking out for your family and keeping toxins far from reach. Quite a few parents are on the hunt for baby bottles that are free from bisphenol A (also known as BPA). BPA has been linked to #7 bottles (look on the bottom of then bottle for the number) and Canada has recently banned it from their baby bottles.

Born Free glass bottles are getting a lot of press. I haven't tried them because I'm too much of a klutz and I fear my preschooler would bust these up in no time flat. I'm more of a fan of the Adiri Natural Nurser. The Adiri nurser is as close to a breast as you are likely to find. The soft, supple cover was a hit with my baby. Adiri won the Red Dot Desgin Award . They call the system "Fill Twist and Feed." Ok. I simply find it easy to use and clean (it's fine to toss in the dishwasher). Forget the clumsy nipple attachment configuration of your mom's baby bottles and embrace the future.

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Adiri bottles are also free of phthalates which have been linked to abnormalities in reproductive organs. Steer clear of bottles marked #3, #6 or #7.

And one last note for a healthy and happy baby. Skip the plastic altogether with a Natursutten teether. I found this Cool It Fish Teether in Spain (but back at home it's also on Amazon). The ring is filled with sterilized water and is chemical free. The rubber teether can be stored in the fridge (never the freezer--delicate guns can't handle it) to sooth teething pain. $9.50

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