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Getting a Helping Hand from Amwell


Do you ever just feel like you have too much on your plate? From the kids, to work, to keeping up with the house...It all adds up to be, well, for lack of better words...too much! But what do we do as super moms? We keep piling it on. Even if we're suffering inside...we keep going a mile a minute. Mom guilt is the real deal and I think it keeps too many of us from taking care of ourselves. It is vital that we focus on our health and, just as importantly, our feelings. I mean we have a family to run! Even with a supportive partner by our side, we're just better when we're strong inside and out. And by not taking the time to channel our emotions and stress in a healthy manner, we're not going to be our very best.


Luckily, there are services like Amwell that make it so much easier for us to get the care we need. Did you know that this telehealth service not only offers medical provider visits through a convenient, at home, video call, but you can also talk to a licensed behavioral therapist as well? That's right...I said at home. You can literally talk to someone right from the comfort of your couch at a time that works for YOU!

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Let's talk about the convenience factor for a moment. Being able to book an appointment for after the kids go to bed is clutch. Am I right? No need to hire a sitter or tackle traffic. You can just settle in and really focus on yourself. Whether you've been struggling with fertility issues, aren't on the same page as your partner parenting wise, have lost a loved one or simply just need to talk, Amwell therapists are there to help. Plus, the cost is typically lower than an average therapist or psychologist visit. You mean I can wear my pajamas while I save money and get advice? Sign me up! Haha!

So, are you ready to try out the Amwell psychology service yourself? Use the code SOULCARE for to get your own visit for just $1.00!

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