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Gear Girl: Perfect Your Posture

As a writer, I spend a good part of my day hunched over a computer typing in coffee shops and flat surfaces around my house. This is awesome for my content creation. Not so great for my back. Whether you're a blogger yourself or just someone who spends all day at a desk, here are four products that will help you perfect your posture for a healthier back.

Perfect Your Posture

Good posture isn't just about back health either. When you stand tall, sit straight and carry yourself well, you look and feel more confident. Here are some ways that I've working to perfect my posture.

Lumo Lift - This is one of my new favorites. The Lumo Lift is part posture control, part fitness tracker, part confidence builder. It works like this. The Lumo Lift has two parts - an oval-shaped back and a magnetic front square (you get two in silver and black) that attaches to your shirt, dress or bra to hold it in place. You can hide it completely under your clothes if you'd like or wear it with the outer square visible to let the world know you're Lumo-ing. Stand up straight and press the button twice to calibrate the Lumo Lift for your ideal posture. Then go about your day. The Lumo will give you feedback on your posture via the Lumo app -- "8am-9am you were at Rest and Slouchy, 9am-10am you were Active and Remarkable". Standing tall, shoulder back, head high is not only great for your back, but great for your business - whatever it is. Good posture breeds confidence - even if you're in a fake-it-till-you-make-it moment. I was excited about the Lumo Lift just for the posture tracking, but was thrilled to discover that it also tracks your steps and calories which was a real eye-opener. While there are many part of the day I feel busy -- picking kids up from school, running them around to activities, doing errands -- it was enlightening to see that in spite of my feeling of busyness, I wasn't actually getting many steps during those times reminding me of the important of fitting in time for the gym or a run.

Lumo Lift 1

To help train you to have better posture, you can use the Lumo coach. Press the Lumo three times or select the coach option on the app and choose between a 5, 15, or 60 minutes up to 4 hours of training session where Lumo will vibrate when you slouch in addition to providing encouraging messages on your phone. I loved doing these training sessions once or twice during my writing sessions to help remind me to keep good posture while I wrote. Since using the Lumo Lift, I've even had two new business deals - coincidence or Lumo Lift? We'll never know, but it can't have hurt that I was sitting straight, shoulders back, head held high. I love that the Lumo Lift is more discrete than many other fitness trackers and also improves my posture instead of just measuring my steps -- plus, it's only $99. A great holiday gift idea to give or receive. BUY: Amazon

Lumo Lift 2

Swopper stool - I'm sure you've seen the stories on the "sitting disease." Whatever your job, if you spend most of your day sitting down, you are not doing your body a favor. Extended sitting is becoming a leading cause of serious health issues, including high blood pressure, obesity, muscle degeneration and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Yes, daily exercise is important, but recent studies have shown that regular exercise isn't the answer to countering these health issues - rather we need to incorporate movement throughout the day during extended hours of sitting to fight off sitting disease. Sure there are those big, bouncy exercise balls, but they lack a certain formality and professionalism expected in many office settings. Enter the Swopper. This ergonomic office chair moves in three different directions to keep your body moving, even while you're sitting.


Sitting on the Swopper makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which opens up your diaphragm, helping you breathe deeper and stimulate circulation and productivity. The Swopper forces you to lean forwards preventing the dreaded "desk hunch." Since it both wiggles side to side, front to back, and up and down, it is constantly -- in small ways -- engaging your core, keeping your muscles firing, and preventing hours of constant pressure on any one part of your body. This seat definitely took a little getting used to, but I was able to get much more comfortable and noticeably move more throughout my work period with the Swopper. Buy: Amazon or win one through our Momtrends giveaway here!


BackJoy- Inspired by a 1984 father-son road trip where the dad Jim spent most of the trip laying down in the back seat due to back pain, BackJoy's mission is to create and sell products that help create a healthier back. One of my favorites it the SitSmart seat inserts that work with most chairs and help to optimize your sitting position by aligning your spine and relieving back pain. An easy and affordable way to improve your current chair. I also tried out these Roller Balls - the dual ball design targets both sides of the spine and are perfect way to get back relief. You can use them while sitting in a chair or if you work at home, you can lay on them. Sweet relief! They are also great on the arches of your feet! BUY: Amazon

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Strongback Chairs: Work isn't the only place you want to keep your back well-supported. I love camping for the chance to get away and experience the wonder of nature, but those slingback camp chairs?? Not so hot for support. Fortunately, there are Strongback Chairs which are designed to provide lumbar support and a fully supported seat to ensure a happy back. My husband deemed this THE most comfortable camp chair he had ever sat in - and we've gone through half a dozen for him. The Strongback comes in two styles - Elite (for those 5'7" and taller) and Zen (for those 5'6" and below). The chair is slightly heavier than some of our other lightweight camp chairs, but a little more weight for superior back support is a swap we're willing to make. Perfect for camping, the beach, soccer games, tailgating or musical festivals. BUY: Amazon or

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How do you keep your back healthy?

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