Gear Girl: Get Inspired To Drink More Water


Raise your hand if you made a resolution to drink more water this year. Just like last year. This year, make the resolution stick by using our handy tricks for staying hydrated whether you're at home, at work or on the go.

drink more water

Make it visible. One of the best ways to drink more water at home is to make it visible. And what better way than with a pretty carafe or pitcher. Choose one that's pretty (LSA Carafe, Scholten & Baijings) or colorful (Kartio Carafe, Blenko), simple (Bedside Carafe, Miguel Wine) or with a splash of flavor (Fruit Infusion, Water Jug). It will not only inspire you to drink more but will help you keep track of the volume you're consuming each day.

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Make it clean. Hate the taste of your tap water? Grossed out by the additives your city puts in the water? Ease your concerns with filtered water bottles and pitchers. These filter out things such as chlorine, organic contaminants, copper, mercury and cadmium and other unpleasantries in your water. If you feel better about what's in (or out) of your water and how it tastes, you're likely to drink more. Water-filtering pitchers from Dwell and Britax work great on your desk on in the fridge. The PUR faucet filter and ZeroWaste water dispenser are best for home. On-the-go? Choose your favorite style of filtered water bottles from Bobble, Brita, Camelbak, EcoVessel, Rubbermaid and KOR.

water bottles

Make it portable. You're dropping off kids at school. At the gym. Running errands. In meetings. Racing between appointments. You need a water bottle that can keep up with you. Love ice-cold water? Choose an insulated bottles like these from Camelbak and Thinksport. Need bottle you can open and drink from one-handed? Try these easy-access bottles form Nalgene. If you can't stand the taste or feel of plastic or metal, glass bottles are a nice alternative like these from Lifefactory and Takeya. Need your bottle to do more? The Nalgene Pillid attaches to any of their bottles and has 4 compartments for holding vitamins and meds while the Contigo Kangaroo bottle has a built-in side pocket for holding your ID, money, key or other small items. Find water a bit blah? Create your own delicious combinations of fruits, veggies and herbs with these infuser bottles from D'Eco and VisionUSA.

What's your favorite trick for drinking more water?

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