#FollowTheScript with Sofia Vergara


 Here's another accomplishment for Sofia Vergara, one of the hottest actresses around. She's now the national spokesperson for a new thyroid campaign called "Follow the Script."

Sofia Vergara Follow The Script

DID YOU KNOW? 1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime. The actress/model/mom has been a star on Modern Family for years. You might not have known that at age 28, Sofia faced a personal challenge when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The cancer was cured, but she remains on medication to manage her hypothyroidism.

At an exclusive media luncheon today in NYC Sofia joined her doctor (Dr. Geller) for a talk about her condition and spreading the word about treatment. She says, “I believe that everything happens for some reason. My health issues changed my way of thinking and I’ve been more careful and have made different choices because of all this.”

sofia vergara

She has been named Forbes’ 75th most powerful woman in the world and ranks first as the highest paid U.S. TV actress and People magazine’s most influential Latina. Matching a health information campaign with her star power is a savvy move. In her conversation today, she said the main goal for her is really to educated her fans about the thyroid conditions.

I learned that 4-5% of the population has a thyroid issue. Once diagnosed it is likely a life-long concern. Hypothyroidism is most common in white women over 60, but can strike anyone. One media member in attendance was 21 and recently diagnosed. Another friend tweeted me that she was just diagnosed in her mid-30s. So you never know.

Sofia's condition came about after her cancer. The actress seemed upbeat and positive about her lifelong condition. If you think you might suffer from a thyroid condition, Dr. Geller suggested asking for the TSH test from your doctor. Apparently it is an easy test that is very effective in diagnonsis. Here are some symptoms to look for:

For more information visit http://www.rxabbvie.com/pdf/Synthroid.pdf


Learn more about the campaign and Sofia's story at www.followthescriptcampaign.com. The "Follow the Script" website also features interactive polls, symptom and treatment information, helpful 'scripts' for speaking with your doctor and pharmacist, as well as stories and videos from other individuals with hypothyroidism. Visitors can also share their own experiences and learn how to become involved as a Synthroid® (levothyroxine sodium tablets, USP) patient volunteer.

This is not a paid post. As with amy medication, there are risks and side effects. Talk to your doctor about your condition. Momtrends is in no way a medical resource. We are simply sharing the news of thsi campaign. 

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