Fitness Notes for Moms


A few last fitness notes for Moms:

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1.Walking Wings Learning to Walk Assistant: I'm all for being active, but if you've got a new walker (like I do), your back is probably aching from leading the little person around. Walking Wings are a hands-free way to help baby learn to walk. The padded (and adjustable) support vest easily fastens around the baby. It's healthier for baby's shoulders (no tugging on little arms) and kinder to parent'??s backs (no more bending over!)--plus it teaches balance. Recommended Age: 6 months & up. From Upspring Baby. $24.99

2. Sane Fitness QuickStart: This is a deck of 48 colorfully illustrated cards designed to provide simple instruction to moms. The cards keep you motivated, inspired and in perfect form. Pregnant? now worries, there'sSane Fitness Preggers: Maternity Workouts that Won't Drive You Crazy. $24.95

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3. Sling Your Baby: A local Brooklyn mom, Lynne Wells, teaches theses classes. I was eager to try them, but my baby got too big for the sling! I love the concept of dancing the baby weight off while bonding. See her YouTube video here. I don't think there is a video yet, but the moves might inspire you to get your groove on!

I hope I've done my get moving! I'm writing this post-run, so take it from me, it is possible to squeeze in time for fitness. The husband watched the babes while I ran, now I've got them napping and he is off on a five-miler. You can do it!

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