Fit Mom Profile: Cheryl Fenton

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What is it about these Boston Moms! Not only do they rule the virtual world, Moms like Cheryl Fenton are also proving that success with a business and a family does not have to come at the loss of your fitness. This 38 year old mother is a beauty and fashion blogger (Her Easy Peasy Blog is a must-read for mommy fashionistas). But for right now I'm focusing on her fitness tips not her advice on how to wear red lipstick.

Fitness goal for 2010:Flat abs so I can wear a bikini again!

Biggest fitness accomplishment: losing the 75 pounds I gained while pregnant.

I like working out:

a.) alone

b.) with groups

Alone: I love the quiet time'??walking with the dog, Rollerblading with my IPod, on my Arc Trainer reading magazines.

You can find me:

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a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

c.) in front of my favorite DVD

d.) with my wii

A or D. I love the anonymity of going to the gym, focusing on the work out with my headphones on. My husband also showered me with Wii workout gifts this Christmas: EA Active, Yoga for Wii and Wii Fit Plus. I also love my Cybex Arc Trainer'??the best investment I could have made for my health.

My favorite time of the day to workout:

Afternoon. I usually sneak workouts in during naptime. It'??s also a great way to split up the day.

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My sneaky fitness trick:

I involve my daughter. She loves to sit on the couch and watch mommy play tennis on the Wii. Or sit in the jogger stroller, enjoying a snack, while I go for a run.

Why I workout:

As a beauty and fitness writer, I'??m constantly talking to experts about ways to be healthy and beautiful. I love applying what I'??ve learned to my own life. I'??m happier when I know I'??ve done something good for my body like exercise. And I look better too!

Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.):

I love my New Balance sneakers.

I'd like to try ____________ this year to keep my routine fresh.

More yoga. I used to do yoga when before my daughter was born. I slept better and seemed to be more even-keeled. I want to get back into it.

Best workout song ever:

Anything with a driving beat, like old school Mighty Mighty Bosstones, FooFighters, Prodigy. But don'??t discount Beyonce'??s Single Ladies!

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A typical week's worth of workouts looks like:

Monday: Gym for 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weights
Tuesday: Gym or Arc Trainer for 60 minutes
Wednesday: Wii for 30 to 60 minutes
Thursday: Gym for 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weights
Friday: Arc Trainer for 60 minutes
Saturday: Wii for 30 to 60 minutes
Sunday: rest

I stay motivated by:

Keeping things challenging. When I feel like the workout has become too easy, I kick it up a notch by increasing the level or weights. The Wii also lets me change things up with different fun activities.

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