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We all know that January is the biggest time of year to kickstart workouts. Whether you eased off your gym routine during the holidays or have set a new workout goal (joining the 13.1 club anyone??) or are looking to try out a new type of workout, one of the many fitness trackers on the market can help you quantify your workout efforts.

One of the great things about fitness trackers is, at the end of a day, you have more than just a sense of yes-got my run in or ugg-sat at desk all day. You have more nuanced data, like I walked 1/2 mile to get to lunch! Or Taking the stairs to my office just burned 12 calories! It's sometimes these small victories that help to encourage us along to the bigger goals of finishing that half-marathon, not getting winded during the backyard soccer game with our kids, or feeling confident rocking our swimsuit at the pool.

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The field of fitness trackers is continuing to grow, but the best fitness trainer is the one that fits you and your workouts best.

I DON'T WANT TO SPEND VERY MUCH....Choose the Jawbone Up Move or the Misfit Flash, both of which will cost you under $50. You'll love the companion app to the Jawbone Up Move which has a better interface along with Jawbone's Smart Coach which learns your exercise and sleep habits and then gives you little tips on how to improve - a little push, but sometimes just what is needed. Go with the Misfit Flash if you want a sportier (some may say more attractive) design and if you want it waterproof for swimming or not having to worry about taking it off before you shower.

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CAN'T IT BE CUTE? Since you're going to wear this device all the time, might as well make it look good, right? Go for a Tory Burch accessory for the Fitbit Flex. Tory Burch has designed a range of accessories to up the fashion factor of your Fitbit Flex fitness tracker. From bracelets to necklace pendants in gold and silver and a cute print, no one will suspect you're tracking steps and calories with your jewelry. For even more bling, check out Swarovski's accessories for the Misfit Shine - bracelets and necklaces with lot of shine and shimmer while still tracking your steps.

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ONE I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR ON MY WRIST: If having something on your wrist drives you crazy or messes with your fashion style, we love the Misfit Shine that offers a wide variety of wearing options beyond the basics include a leather band, collar clip, shoe attachment, two necklaces and apparel like socks and Ts. Also try the Fitbit Zip that clips to your pocket, belt or bra.

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I NEED A DEVICE THAT CAN MULTITASK. Why wear a device if it just tracks your steps and heart rate? We hear you. You multitaskers can take your pick of these multitasking fitness trackers. Worried about being hunched over a desk all day? Check out the Lumo Lift that tracks steps, distance, calories and includes vibrations when you slouch to keep your posture in check. Can't bear to be away from your email or phone while exercising? Get the Samsung Gear S that tracks your runs and lets you scroll through emails or take an important call while you wait for the light to change. What's a workout without music? The new Fitbit Surge tracks GPS, a continuous heart rate, all-day activity stats and your sleep. Plus it includes smart notifications and music control. Oh, is that JT's "Take Back the Night" on my playlist? That last mile just got a little easier.

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What's your favorite fitness tracker?

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