Fab Fitness Finds for Kids

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Fitness month is half-way done. Today I interviewed supersporty mom Gabby Reece--that will post on Monday. For now I have a round up of mom-friendly fitness finds:

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Cleatskins: Soccer, baseball, football, the lists of sports is long where cleats are required. Rather than wreck you floors or the cleats themselves check these out. A clever parent duo invented an innovative way to take cleats to the streets. They are made of a unique nonslip rubber compound that protects cleats from abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Busy moms know that changing from cleats to street shoes can be a real time waster. Now all you need to do is slip these over your kids' cleats and go. Buy Cleatskins Children's Sole Cleatson Amazon $25.45

Baby Silk SPF 30:
These easy to use wipes are saturated with a gentle sweat-proof sun protection. Before your jog or power walk, swipe this on baby inside the stroller to make sure he doesn't get a sun burn when you feel the burn. Buy it on Amazon Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30+ by MD Moms 15 pack $25.99

Oregon Scientific AnyWear 3D Pedometer: I guarantee if you hook one of these up you'll be inspired to "go the distance." Racking up miles is much more fun when you can see the results of your efforts on display. Wear it in your pocket, your diaper bag or around your neck, the PE980 measures and stores your distance walked and calories burned for an entire week. Buy the OREGON SCIENTIFIC Any Wear 3D Pedometer on Amazon for $47.95

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