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Danskin Now Cute Workout Gear

Cute Workout Gear

We all want cute workout gear. It helps us stay motivated when energy and will-power are running low. The new Danskin Now collection at Walmart is cute, fits great and performs well. And the bonus is--you can get a full outfit for about $30. Now we have one fewer excuse for why we aren't working out. With a few weeks left in summer, it's time to get moving and start some great habits.

What's holding you back from starting to keep your promise to yourself to workout? School is back in session and the weather is nice. I think it's the perfect time to ramp up your routine to include working out. Remember: Working out isn't selfish. When you are a fit mom, you are a better mom. 

Common Complaints of Busy Moms:

I don't have time
I don't like working out
I don't have money to join a gym

I feel your pain. The key is to make time. In my book Mom Boss, I love this tip from Nina Restieri the CEO of MomAgenda. She schedules her workouts in on Sunday night and puts them all on the calendar.

For those of you who don't like working out, my advice is find a workout partner. I have two sets of running partners and I have started to run with my tween daughters. When exercise becomes social you forget how hard you are working. Find a pal to sign up for yoga classes with you, wrangle a co-worker into taking a spin class with you. Trust me, sweating with pals is fun.

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Now for the no money complaint. There are a jillion workout videos on YouTube (check out our arm workout here) and you can walk just about anywhere especially since the weather is still warm. You don't need a gym, you just need some cute new clothes like these from Danskin Now.

Cute Workout Gear

Danskin Now Cute Workout Gear

Since I'm a runner, I am pretty tough on my workout gear. I can attest that the new Danskin Now line at Walmart is fantastic. The tanks are breathable, light and come in great colors. There's a huge assortment of leggings. This capri length is great for warm weather.


The cami sports bra is only $5. The printed capri pant is $13. - You can even splurge for your post-workout Starbucks coffee with these prices. Now is the time to make workout plans NOT excuses. I love Danskin Now's tagline "Fit for Everything." Getting in shape isn't just to look good, it's to give you energy to be your best.

What's holding you back?

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