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Catching up with Real Housewife KYLE RICHARDS at Restasis Event

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Did you know Kyle Richards star of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” series suffers from chronic dry eye? Kyle Richards is partnering with Allergan, the makers of RESTASIS® to raise awareness of Chronic Dry Eye.

Many moms suffer from dry eye (as many as 25 million people in the US report symptoms) and let it go untreated. At the NYC event held at the Eventi hotel, I got the chance to chat with Kyle. She said, "Like most moms, I'm incredibly busy and didn't take time to go to a doctor." Kyle said she had symptoms for five years and it wasn't until "it got so bad it effected my quality of life" that she sought help." oKyle was diagnosed with a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease and was prescribed RESTASIS® for relief, the first and only prescription medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that helps eyes’ natural ability to produce tears.

“A few years ago, during the filming of the ‘Housewives’ first season, I began to notice that my eyes were bothering me throughout the day. I started stashing artificial tears anywhere I might need them – in my purse and different areas of my house – using them several times a day for temporary relief,” said Kyle. The problem is, without enough tears, the film protecting the eye can break down, creating dry spots on the eye surface.

Allergan, the makers of RESTASIS® also connected me with Doctor Christopher E. Starr. Doctor Starr is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Director of Laser Vision Correction Surgery, and Director of the Fellowship Program in Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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“Chronic Dry Eye is a disease, and once the condition is diagnosed, there are treatment options available. For those who are not making enough of their own tears due to the underlying inflammation, RESTASIS® is a prescription eye drop used daily, 12 hours apart, twice a day that has helped my patients produce more of their own tears.”

Dr. Starr said winter can make symptoms worse, so it might be time to get your symptoms checked. As the Inflammation gets worse from having dry irritated eyes the ocular surface gets harder to treat and requires more intervention. Restasis is an anti-inflammatory drug that is designed to break the inflammatory cycle. According to Dr. Starr, the dosage is 2x a day and Retasus is usually covered by insurance.

To figure out if you have chronic vs. occasional dry eye see your doctor for a careful eye exam. You can get started by taking this quiz

restasis quiz

To learn more about Kyle’s experience and to find an eye doctor in your area who treats Chronic Dry Eye disease, visit

This is not a sponsored post. I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV. If you think you have Chronic Dry Eye see your doctor. 

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