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I recognize it's too soon for me to start working on my abs, but I am compiling articles to prepare for my bounce back program. On our month-long focus on staying fit and busy, I'd like to share two great resources for toning tummies.

First the fitness ball. These balls are designed to help maximize core strength without damaging your back. The Mayo Clinic offers a complete fitness ball workout program for core strength. According to these experts, each exercise should be performed five times for 10-15 repetitions. When it comes to picking a fitness ball, I like the colorful Bounce a Bye Baby from Luna Lullaby. These colorful balls come in three colors with fun prints. One note from my review, though the pump is included, you're better off using a standing bike pump to fill this ball to the proper firmness. The ball has a myriad of purposes. For moms-to-be, it's a great spot to bounce through early labor (the ball comes with a stability support stand). For new moms, colicky babies often find some peace on the bouncy ball. $58

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My other piece of advice--read up on Julie Tupler's techniques to rid the dreaded Mummy Tummy. Tupler is s nurse with a large following. Her books and DVD's are geared to getting tummies flat and healthy--especially moms that have experienced a split in the abdominal muscles (diastasis).

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