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Bugs Be-Gone with the Bug Bam

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Bugs Be-Gone with the Bug Bam

We just got back from a sunny day on Long Beach in Rockport. Sun, sand, ocean surf lapping at the shore, green eyed biting flies. That last one really sucked. Quite literally.

But the last thing I want to do is wear bug spray at the beach. Or hiking for that matter. Or any time. Just ask me about the time my daughter got bug spray in her eyes because it dripped down with the sweat from her forehead. We were ER bound.

Bug Bam is the game-changing solution this summer. These small wristbands repel mosquitoes and flying, biting insects for up to 100 hours. That means no more spraying sticky, smelly bug spray. Just mix a Bug Bam wristband in with the rest of your bangles and you won't be accessorized with bug bites by the end of the day. They come in blue and the ever-slimming black to match any of your summer garb.

What's impressive is the R&D they did to make sure you won't bite their heads off because they don't work. They've been tested and proven by some of the leading labs in the USA and Australia and, as of March 2011, by UN-certified scientists in remote parts of Africa. They have bugs there. Trust me. Big ones.

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Also music to my ears after that terrifying experience watching our daughter's eyes being flushed out by the ER nurses, all Bug Bam repelling products are a minimal irritant to eyes and non-irritant to skin. They're made of EPA/FDA compliant, 100% natural, food-grade essential oils of citronella, geranium and lemongrass that are permeated into EPA/FDA compliant material.

Of course we can't leave out Satsi and Hanna, our pooch pals. Although we do the Frontline religiously after our late dog Dazey got Anaplasmosis from a tick (isn't life a set of learning experiences?), we were thrilled that Bug Bam makes dog tags. That means no more buzzing mosquitoes around the pups that might end up biting us. A set of two tags per pack provides up to 30 days of protection.

For our patio, which we've vowed to actually use this year, the Mosquito Repelling Area Grid. It's a scientifically proven, non toxic, all natural area repellent that doesn't use smoke, flames, butane, fans, sprays, liquids, power or batteries. Just one grid will repel mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects in an area of up to 300 square feet. And it actually works. We hang this grid from our back yard patio umbrella. We've also brought it to the beach to get rid of those pesky green-eyed biting flies. When we're done, just pop it into the re-sealable vapor proof zip-lock bag and it'll be reusable for up to 2 years or 100 hours.

So green-eyed biting beach flies, take a hike. The surf is our turf this summer.

Bug Bam bracelets are available at Whole Foods and on for $3.95.

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