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Brooke Burke Body 30-Day Slim Down

brooke burke fitness

First of all... holy cow is Brooke Burke gorgeous and so are these fun fitness videos. I can't believe she's the mother of 4! She looks stunning, but approachable, like your most beautiful girlfriend. She's so lovely and personable- you're happy to spend time exercising with her. Believe me- this Mama sweats for real! She also does the entire workout with you- gets out of breath like most mortals and yes- you can see the sweat, she is working hard!

brooke burke 30 day slim down

Cardio Burn: Personal, friendly and fun with good modifications for those who need it. I have to believe Brooke may have been a fitness instructor before she became a spokes model because her cuing is perfectly timed- a pet peeve of mine, she was flawless. I was also really impressed by the muscle cuing, very responsible and intelligent, lots of talk about abdominal and back activation, leg tracking, range of motion, ribcage closure - this is high quality and educational.

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I will say, my only issue was that in 30 minutes of cardio I only burned 150 calories :( Now I'm small (5'2? 112lbs) but I couldn't get my heart rate high enough with this choreography- and yes... I was pushing it full out! If you're super fit cardio wise- you may want to add some jumps to up the intensity and push hard thru the recovery. There's a reasonable amount of recovery breaks which you can keep moving thru if you need to keep your heart rate up. I will say, the Bear Plie's kicked the living you know what out of my legs and butt! All the steps are done for 30 seconds only- so if it's something that's really hard, it's truly over in 30 seconds. A smart way to keep you moving and motivated.

The final stretch is very Yoga oriented and doable. Again super responsible, addressing every body part and paying particular attention to articulating the spine. Totally enjoyable and effective, definitely NOT something I'll get sick of. Considering I have attention span of a small cat... this too is impressive.

Cardio Sculpt: Brooke advises ?light weights?. Judging from the video Brooke and her posse are using 3lbs. I switched it up to 5lbs to up my heart rate. One word to describe Brooke's sculpting routines? SMART! Each combination hits multiple muscle groups while also addressing balance, alignment and coordination. Again, all combinations are only done for 30 seconds to a minute so if you love it- keep pushing thru the recovery and explanations- if you're dying ... like Brooke says... ?You can do anything for a minute?! Of all the body parts worked I'll say my butt was super sore the next day- made me happy.

I do believe if you were to do these routines every day for 30 days you'd see a marked result. Brooke is extremely motivating and just looking at her inspires you to eat properly. She has the lean yet defined physique we all strive for. You know the reality of the situation, if you want lose weight and transform your body- what you put into it is just as important as what you're burning off. Brooke and her Ladies are fun, personable and totally real. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and really felt like they were all my partners in crime, a rare quality in any video. Go get it now by clicking HERE - do it for 30 days ? take before and after pics and share them with us or just quietly enjoy your new Hottie Mommy Body.Work It!!

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