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Beauty is Bone Deep Campaign

Beauty is Bone Deep

A women's body goes through many changes throughout the course of their life, and these changes are not just those that we can see. Bayer HealthCare’s Citracal to launch Beauty is Bone Deep, a national campaign that highlights inner strength as the foundation of beauty throughout life and especially as a woman ages. In fact, in a recent consumer survey nearly 3 out of 4 women (73%) said they believe that feeling their age would be worse than looking their age.

Today, Bayer HealthCare, the makers of calcium supplement brand Citracal, partnered with beauty icon and author, Dayle Haddon and Susan Randall, Senior Director of Science and Education for the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) to announce the launch of Beauty is Bone Deep, a national campaign that encourages women to focus on inner strength (physical and emotional) as the foundation of beauty and consider adding Citracal to their daily age-defying health and beauty routine to support bone health. To better understand this campaign, we chatted with Susan and Dayle to learn more the depths of beauty and how it goes way beyond what we see.

Momtrends: How can Citracal help women with their bone health? 

Susan Randall: Using Citracal for calcium supplementation can help those women who are unable to ingest adequate calcium through their diet. The reality is that nine out of ten women do not get enough calcium. The average American diet contains between 600-700mg of calcium a day and most women needs 1,000-1,200 mg per day. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that women look at their diet, estimate how much calcium they’re getting on a daily basis, and then supplement the shortfall to make sure that they get adequate calcium every day. Calcium is needed by every cell in the body , so women need to pay attention to that essential nutrient.

What is the Beauty is Bone Deep Campaign?

Dayle Haddon The Beauty is Bone Deep campaign highlights inner strength as the foundation of beauty. A large part of that is about learning how to have strong healthy bones . It’s important because as we age our overall health depends on it. We are so focused on what is obvious and what we can see on the outside, that a lot of times we miss what’s happening and working (or not working) on the inside. The Beauty is Bone Deep campaign is highlighting that your insides are just as important if not more important than your outside. I am very passionate about communicating beauty and health to women. Because I was told that I was over the hill in my 30’s, it sort of rung the bell, “Well what is beauty then?” If you consider me finished, then what is beauty? We have to reevaluate what is beautiful and how it has to be linked with health, well –being, a sense of balance, and a 360 degree view of who you are. It’s not just having great hair or beautiful eyes - That’s a plus. So it’s extremely important for me to be involved with this campaign to communicate to women that there’s something they should look at. The earlier you highlight your inner beauty and become aware, the better results you’ll have.

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Momtrends: What are some things that women can do to protect their bone health?

Susan: I think the first task for women when it comes to bone health is to really look at their diet and see how much calcium they’re getting every day. They need to assess whether or not they need Vitamin D supplementation along with calcium. They should also moderate risk factors like smoking, alcohol, and exercise. They shouldn’t smoke or have more than 1-2 drinks per day. Women should also make sure the exercise routine that they’re following is bone- healthy. Most broken bones and hips occur from a fall, so older women especially should make sure they are able to maintain their balance, use low-impact exercises, and don’t over-do it.

What age should women be monitoring and checking their bone health?

Susan: Women should be mindful of bone health at any age. Having a strong skeleton gives us the ability to be active, stay active, and chase children around. If your skeleton is weak, you won’t be able to do the things that are most important or enjoyable to you. As our hormone levels decrease later in age, we lose estrogen naturally which is a very important element for bone density. Around menopause, women should be talking with their doctors about what’s coming next and when they should get a bone density test. That’s the point where it becomes critical, so women should be especially mindful of their calcium intake at this time.

Be sure to visit to learn more about the benefits of calcium supplementation with Citracal, get age-defying tips from Dayle Haddon and enter for a chance to wina Beauty is Bone Deep makeover in NYC.

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