Balance Water for Children


We all know kids should limit their juice intake. Juices add unwanted calories and sugar. But getting kids to drink water on our never-ending quest for health is a challenge.

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At my house, we are loving Balance Water from Australia. This water is enhanced with 4 flower essences specially selected to help calm, settle and focus children without removing their energy. It's a 100% natural and organic.

Flower essences include: black-eyed susan (supposed to help kids focus), crowea, bush flower and more. Balance isn't yet available in all 50 states, click here to check out your options (in NY a 24 pack of 14 oz bottles was $43.99 for home delivery).

While I can't say I saw marked improvements in my daughter's attention after she drank Balance (I packed them in her lunch bag all week), she did like it and I didn't hear a squeal about the missing juice box--a success in my book.

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