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Air Purifiers: A Nursery Essential

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Considering an air filter for your child's room? You should be. Since I'm not an expert (and don't play one on TV) I went to Chris and Kristen Conn co-founders of Mighty Nest--an online shop for parents on the hunt to create a healthy and safe home--to give me the 411 on on this health essential.

Why should a new parent consider an air filter?
Recent research shows that indoor air quality is often 3-5 times worse than outdoor air quality due to all the chemical off gassing of products found in the home. Studies link air pollution to short and long term conditions including allergies, asthma, headaches, bronchitis, liver and nervous system damage, fatigue and more. Clean air and the body's immune system are directly linked. By having an air purification system in your bedroom, you are removing extra burdens on the immune system and giving your body the chance it needs to repair and rejuvenate while you sleep.

Are they hard to care for?
No. We recommend and sell Austin Air Purifiers, and on these products an occasional vacuuming ( every couple months) of the sides of the filter will help remove build-up of larger dust particles. The interior filter only needs to be changed every five years.

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What about noise? Is this a consideration?
They actually provide a soothing "white noise" great for baby's rooms. Many parents purchase "white noise" machines to mimic these gentle sounds their babies heard in the womb for their first 9 months of life.

What are some features to look for?
Materials: You want the body to be made of solid stainless steel with a baked on non-toxic paint, so there is no off-gassing from plastics or paints.
Filter type: Look for true medical grade HEPA filter combined with activated carbon filter and large dust filter
Size: Determine approximate square footage in room(s)
Non-Ozone Emitting: Ozone is am active oxygen and can harmful to people's health
The Austin Air Systems meet all of these requirements.

Where should a filter be placed in the room?
4 inches away from the wall on all sides

Will this help with allergies/asthma?
Yes. By using the right air purification system you are removing a wide variety of allergens and asthma triggers such as dust, mold, pollen, chemical vapors, gases, particles, viruses and bacteria. Also for those encountering triggers outside the home, you can create a respite for them at home - a place for their immune system to rest and rejuvenate.

In order to create a truly healthy home for your baby buying an air filter is not enough, there are many other factors that go into creating good indoor air quality such as:
- removing shoes when entering the house and frequently cleaning the floors
- choosing non-voc, low emission alternatives for paints, carpets and furnishings
- using natural, non-toxic cleaning products
- opening windows to let in fresh air
- avoiding chemically scented air fresheners
- avoiding synthetic flooring options. Opt for natural fiber rugs or wood flooring
- airing out newly purchased items before bringing them into baby's room

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