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10-Minute Trainer by BeachBody... It Works!


Tony Horton, you've gotta love him. He's handsome, funny like a goofy school boy and most importantly, he's a smart fitness pro who knows how to motivate you with the body to prove that he's walking the walk!

The reason why the 10-Minute Trainer works is because it's not just about the workouts. It's a complete system of lifestyle renovation including fitness, nutrition and tracking.

My favorite part of the program is the two-day jump start. You log in your weight before you begin and again after day three. If you follow the program you're guaranteed a result. On day one you eat a combination of what Tony calls Shakology Shakes and Smoothies, fruit and grilled chicken, veggies, and of course, plenty of water.

For workouts on day one you do all three 10-minute workouts including cardio, abs and lower body. Do them all at once or 10 minutes at a time as you have the time- fitness is cumulative.

Rapid Results with Tony Horton

Rapid Results with Tony Horton

Day Two consists of a similar nutritional plan with 3 more 10 minute workouts consisting of Cardio, Total Body and Yoga Flex. Tony even gives you options if you're a larger person needing more food or if you're just so damn hungry you can't stand it! Plus he gives you tips about how much water to drink, getting the proper amount of rest and yes... putting up with being hungry because you're re-programing your body to want the proper amount of food. Tony is specific, giving you a list of foods to choose from to make your salads, fruits and proteins. If you follow, you really can't lose anything but the initial pounds it'll take to motivate you to the next level.

Pretty Amazing Transformation!!

Pretty Amazing Transformation!!

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The Workouts are challenging! I'm a fitness pro who works out six days a week and all Tony's workouts left me breathless! The attention to form isn't as thorough as I'd like, but I get where he's coming from- he wants you to sweat, move and keep going! Sometimes too much fancy cuing can get in the way. None of it is dangerous or nonsense- it's all smart, if not Pilates-based which is not the be all and end all.

A word to the wise... watch the videos in Normal mode- not Trainer mode. Trainer mode is faster with less explanation. Only switch up to Trainer mode after you've been using the videos for at least a few weeks and feel confident that you know what you're doing.

Total Body 2 is a great workout using a handled tubing as resistance and mixing up upper and lower body sculpting with cardio. Each exercise is only done for 1 minute and Tony inspires us to push ourselves to the limit- 10 minutes well spent and I was motivated to do more- my interest was totally piqued.'

Core Cardio- for a Pilates Queen like myself it was refreshing to just do some good old fashioned ab blasting. I do worry about folks with spinal issues, but again... there's nothing going on here that is down right dangerous. If you activate- you should be just fine.

Upper Body- Again we're using handled tubing for resistance which make this a go anywhere workout. Still not much cuing for form, but if you follow what Tony and his female model are doing, you'll be fine- their form is flawless. This one moved quickly and it was occasionally difficult to get into position quick enough to keep up... that tubing can be slippery- but all in all a good workout that will grow on you.

Yoga Flex- here's where I'm gonna call Tony out just a bit. Slow down Man... it's Yoga. For those of you who are real Yoga-files, skip it. The layman's positioning, quick tempo and lack of proper cuing will drive you nuts. If you're new to Yoga and have no injuries- go for it. I have a hard time holding still and sometimes a quick 10 minute Yoga is better than no Yoga at all!

Tony is Walking the Walk!!

Tony is Walking the Walk!!

Tony is a total health and fitness lifestyle facilitator which is why he'll always win me over. It's never just one workout or one diet that gives you the body you want and the good health you deserve. Tony completes his 10 Minute Trainer with a measurement tracker, a 10 minute meal cook book and Rapid Results Guide book full of helpful tips, places to put before and after photos and my favorite- Michi's Ladder. This is a tiered guide of food choices that will lead you to the perfect physique or at least let you know when you failing yourself big time with the wrong food choices.

Try it lose the weight and gain the body you deserve!

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