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I'll be honest - I'm not a huge candy fan, and so the idea of buying Halloween candy to pass out to kids who will consume too much, feel awful the next day and alternate between sugar highs and crashes to the dismay of their parents and teachers leads me to lean towards non-candy treats. If you're similarly minded, I've rounded up a handful of non-lame, non-candy treats to consider passing out this Halloween.

Halloween treats

Some of these may be better suited for certain ages depending on the average age in your neighborhood, but join me in skipping the cavities and sugar rush and instead offering a bit of non-edible Halloween fun.

If you have lots of 2-7 year olds in your neighborhood, try this 15-pack of mini Play-Dohs in assorted colors. All of the fun - none of the cavities.

Bubbles are always a blast - especially with these fun Halloween Character Bubbles - 24 to a pack.

I love that these Monster Tattoos are just as fun on Halloween day as they are the next day and the next and the....

You know how you buy your kid a costume and then on Halloween day they hate it and want to be something totally different (or is that just my house?) Give kids a chance to be something else on Halloween or the next weekend with 12 pack of Foam Halloween Masks

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This is one of my favorite non-candy Halloween treats. Glow Stick Bracelets are fun while trick-or-treating, super affordable and give your pumpkin, pillow case or whatever kids are collecting their tricks and treats in an eerie glow.

True these will probably end up in a twisted mess in a day or two, but my kids love these plastic slinkies nevertheless. These Mini Halloween Magic Springs will provide lots of sugarless fun for kids the day after Halloween.

As a parent, bouncy balls in my house are the bain of my existence! But if I'm giving them to your kids for Halloween, lovely! Get 72 assorted Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls to amuse kids and annoy parents.

Have you passed out non-candy treats for Halloween?

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