Creating The Crown Hair Style

Creating The Crown Hair Style

Can I explain to you how much I loveGame of Thrones? Ob. Sessed. It's like Melrose Place with horses, dragons and castles. That's carried over to my will to recreate the hairstyles--that's why we are creating the crown hair style.

I'm knee-deep into the 56,980,353-page four-book set on Kindle, while also watching the HBO series every Sunday night. Short of wearing Dothraki garb, you might say I'm into it.

When my friend Nick Penna, owner of Salon Capri, showed me how to do up one of the braided 'crowns' I've been envying on Cersei, Sansa and Khaleesi, I let out a battle cry. It was a girly one, but it was a battle cry all the same.

It sounds as complicated as the Starks' battle plan, but once you get it down, no one can stop you. Here's what he had to say:

If your hair already has a curl to it, you're in luck. The 'crown'? looks best on hair with waves. Translation: get out your curling iron. To curl your hair, separate into top and bottom sections. Clip the top section up, and curl what's left by working in small sections. Alternate the curling direction between counterclockwise and clockwise. Repeat with the top section of hair. Separate curls with your fingers to achieve a piece-y look.

Creating The Crown Hair Style

  1. Once it's curled, take a ½ inch to two-inch piece of hair slightly above one ear and pull it across the head to the other side and let the section drape slightly, leaving enough room to pull hair pieces around it. Combine the draped section with a small piece of hair right behind the other ear and pin the joined hair pieces with a bobby pin.
  2. Starting at the side of the head from where the first hair section was taken, select another piece of your hair from under the draped section. Lift it upwards, over, and then under the draped section, leaving it to fall underneath.
  3. Grab another piece of hair from under the draped section a ½ to an inch over and follow the same step. Continue across the head by choosing random pieces and pulling them over and under the draped section until you reach the other side of the head.
  4. For the last pinned piece, lift it over and under but let it wrap over the first bobby pin used to secure the draped hair section (to make the bobby pin less visible). Take a second bobby pin and secure the final wrapped piece where the draped section was first secured above one ear.
  5. Finish with a light spray of medium hold hairspray. Nick loves Shu Uemura's Sheer Lacquer.

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