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Playing with your hair color doesn't have to be expensive and tricky. This month I'm trying out the Classic Collection Hair Color from Clairol to illustrate that great color can happen at home. To get started you'll need to pick your color. I like a warm brown with golden undertones. Pick from a collection of 16 permanent liquid shades with the classic Miss Clairol tonal results you love--I used "Medium Brown, Neutral Gold." You can take it further and mix shades with each other or with Clairol Professional liquicolor permanente shades TIP:For best results, use with Pure White or Clairoxide developer. Here's what Clairol promises from the color: Excellent gray coverage Up to 84% more conditioning than the leading professional cream color Up to 61% more shine vs. untreated hair Multi-dimensional shades Long-lasting color Time to get ready to color. Always have a loose shirt or a button front shirt. I also use a squirt bottle for precise application--I saved this from another Clairol kit. This pointy applicator helps control the mess. Other women use a bowl and brush. Either way, make sure you mix the color and developer well. Apply! Either hit the roots as I did or apply all over. TIP: Use gloves! I don't like the color on my hands it's hard to clean. Then simply apply. Whether it's covering gray (hello, that's me!) or just adding a richer color you'll want to leave it in for 30-45 minutes. Then wash and condition. It's a simple and seamless at home experience. Get ready for the big reveal next week! Classic makes a comeback. Clairol Professional's new 'Classic Collection' offers 16 timeless shades with a modern formula for brilliant shine and deep conditioning.

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