Stain Solver: A Multifaceted Organic Cleaning Product


Chemicals, fragrances, dyes, toxins, and difficult-to-pronounce ingredients are the bulk of what most cleaners are made of. This not means that they aren'??t good for sensitive skin and cause allergies but that they are harmful to the environment, children, and pets. Luckily, there are also products out there that use natural ingredients and manufacture under organic practices.

I recently had the opportunity to test out such a brand called Stain Solvent. Created by Time Carter, a home improvement expert and columnist of '??Ask The Builder,'? Stain Solvent is a gentle product that reacts uses the release of oxygen with water to treat difficult stains. Being a mom, stains and mess are everywhere so I was excited to test out Stain Solvent on a recent load of laundry. Using a simple formula (four scoops of Stain Solvent and one scoop of water), my laundry was remarkably clean and being that I have sensitive skin, I really appreciated its mild non-toxic and hypoallergenic formula. After learning more about the organic line, I was also happy to see that it can also be used to clean tiles, scrub the kitchen and carpets. The product can also treat stains form beet juice, blueberries, wine, oils, cooking grease, algae, mildew, pet stains and grass stains. Carter added, '??As a general rule of thumb, if you can wash it with water, Stain Solver can save it.'?

Having a multi-use and organic product will not only make cleaning easier (and save you money from having to buy tons of products), it will make you feel good knowing you are using a product that is both helpful to the environment and better for you and your family.

To learn more about Stain Solvent, please visit: (Image Credit: Stain Solvent)

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, a mama to a toddler and now a pregnant mama with her second child. You can read more soup recipes on her blog: Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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